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WPA Research Announces Change to WPA Intelligence

“WPA needed a name that better describes our services”, said WPA Intelligence founding partner and CEO Chris Wilson, the former Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy on the Cruz for President campaign. “We are an intelligence company. We provide political intelligence, public affairs intelligence, marketing intelligence and corporate intelligence. While this includes survey research, it is increasingly about data, analytics and technology to manage these data.” … Read More

Proving the Polls Wrong?

Just as national polls were a poor indicator of the 2016 outcome, they’re a poor indicator of what the politically meaningful numbers are today. A typical national poll will have a lot of interviews in deep blue states with high … Read More

A look inside a presidential campaign, and how data is front and center in the effort to draw voters and donors

In the center of Ted Cruz’s national campaign headquarters in a southwest Houston high-rise is a group of staffers you may not know — but who may know a lot about you. They are the data and analytics team, led … Read More

Where knocking on digital doors worked.

“Tucked away in the results is a story that suggests organization can actually have quite large effects. Because the data operation built by Wilson and run by the Club for Growth in Wisconsin helped move 345,000 voters into Republican senator … Read More

Is Nunes’ Concern Over Trump Surveillance Docs Warranted?

One, Nunes should see this investigation to its end before talking publicly about it. There are still too many questions and it is only creating unnecessary speculation about what went on. The committee members should do their work and then … Read More

Big data is the new ground game – how Ted Cruz won Iowa

In the days proceeding the Iowa caucus, as the media fussed about the unpredictability of the horserace, confidence quietly swelled within the Cruz campaign. “Data,” said a high-level Cruz campaign operative on election night, “is huge.” In fact, data was … Read More

About Last Week: An (increasingly) occasional reflection on the week that was.

Oh hi there imaginary readers, it’s me again. I know I haven’t done one of these since before the Election, but then it’s hard to summon fun and frivolity when we’re facing a choice between {31 words deleted due to … Read More

WPAi Announces Hiring of Ashlee Rich Stephenson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FEBRUARY 16, 2017 CONTACT: Chris Wilson PR@WPAINTEL.COM | 202-470-6300 WASHINGTON, DC –WPAi, a national leader in research, analytics and data science, announced the hiring of Ashlee Rich Stephenson as a Senior Vice President. Stephenson has spent the … Read More

Help others learn about Governor Greg Abbott.

The Texans for Greg Abbott mobile app gives every supporter the ability to connect directly with the campaign to help spread the message of conservative values and principles. The app enables each user to stay up to date on campaign … Read More

WPAi CEO Chris Wilson joins Fox & Friends to discuss the reliability of President Trump’s job approval rating.