It’s December 31st, 2025, and Bonfire is the market-leading resource for streaming analytics-based targeting and self-serve access to the GOP data ecosystem. WPA Intelligence’s bespoke research remains the industry leader in combining polling and data for cutting-edge, data-driven campaigns for candidates, organizations, and causes who value innovation and winning.

The power of data puts us in control of our clients’ success. Whether a candidate runs for office or an organization advocates for a cause, we are ubiquitous and inevitable. Our deep, unbiased understanding of human nature empowers us to make the world a better place through our data and data-driven strategies. It’s not politics; it’s science. WPAi goes beyond campaigns—while others roll the dice, we count cards.

Core Values

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
Ronald Reagan


Purpose drives us. Our culture centers around protecting the American way of life and the American dream. We excel as a result of being a part of the team, even when that means working weekends and being ever available during the on-years. Team members come here to make careers, not pit stops.

We collaborate with intention and communicate consistently. Respect and positivity set the
tone while a good-natured ribbing keeps things light. We’re a collective of high performers always working to innovate and do better. We evaluate every election, wins and losses,
in order to assess what worked and what did not. One often learns more from a loss than a win. We’re humble, not modest. As the best, we don’t waste time covering up mistakes—we correct them and ensure they are not repeated.
Recognition is never left up to chance.
Shout-outs on company calls and meetings convey our pride; spot bonuses commemorate a job well done. Major company wins are celebrated in proportion to their magnitude, with goals and milestone trackers always on

display. Local festivities mark our regular goals, while smashing stretch goals takes us all on a company retreat. If we meet a jet goal, we take a private jet to our next retreat.

We invest time and energy to remain the best and stay on the cutting-edge. Mentoring programs allow our newest members to connect with our most senior leaders. Clear career tracks and regular, comprehensive training allow for development within the company.

We provide an environment that nurtures and retains top talent. We gather at regular Sip-and-Shares with a few adult beverages
to discuss our professional backgrounds and unique skills, while daily catered lunches during the busy season provide nourishment to our team while saving them time and money.



Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson
Our visionary who guides the organization forward. He plans for the future and sustainability of the company and mentors new leaders to pass on the torch.

Bryon Allen, Ph.D.

The integrator who brings our vision to life on a day-to-day basis. He provides support and resources to departments while holding them accountable to our standards of excellence.

Our Research Science Team is driven by excellence, always staying on top of academic and industry advances, ensuring our research is the most accurate and the most actionable.

Our Data Science Team develops streaming analytics products and campaign recommendation engine tools while they build, refresh, and segment our proprietary models and audiences to remain current.

The Data Acquisition Team powers all of our effort with their diverse talents, from negotiating and wrangling vendors to managing traditional poll-style data collections and collecting data via innovative approaches.

The Data Hygiene Team maintains our industry-leading database while they ensure query response speeds, build views and other in-database solutions for efficiency, and troubleshoot data and database issues.

The Thought Leadership Team amplifies our presence through social media interaction with online policy discussions and the development of digital marketing campaigns and stays ahead of the most current issues in our environment.

The Customer Care Team provides end-users with front-line support and problem resolution. They also conduct client orientations to the system and create reference materials for customer use.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thomas Jefferson



WPAi provides survey research, predictive analytics, and application-based data management technology. Our solutions take the guesswork out of a campaign and empower clients with effective tools to target, persuade, and mobilize voters.

We are the best at what we do because we innovate faster than anyone else in the industry. We develop the most user-friendly tech with streaming analytics products and campaign recommendation engine tools that are
elegant and fully integrated. Adding new product features for app automation and productization is our focus as we constantly build and refresh proprietary models to never get stale. We constantly solicit feedback from platform users and work to constantly improve both the performance and user experience. We’ve cracked the most difficult aspects of campaign data science.

Bonfire is our data-management powerhouse. Its interactive modules optimize all aspects of

a campaign, from enriching data intelligence
to deploying that same data and helping campaigns at all levels make winning decisions. The platform matches the best of retail websites, providing political users an experience that is not “political good,” but just plain good.

WPAi wins the biggest and most complex races and issue efforts. Our bespoke services cultivate the careers of promising candidates and office holders; Bonfire gives clients access to the same quality of exhaustive data. If you build the world’s best container and interface, you can’t fill it with crap. We take full responsibility for maintaining the quality and currency of our own data and have a two-way partnership with the Data Trust ecosystem.


Our headquarters’ quintessential Washington DC views are unparalleled, but our Oklahoma City facility and satellite offices reverberate with the same patriotic spirit. A streaming connection is our virtual link to a single digital ecosystem that unifies our teams. The shared virtual lobby is the heartbeat of our culture, with conference rooms in every office building engineered to be in constant connection throughout the workday. The physical spaces are outlined with breakout rooms, call booths, and private cubicles that facilitate focused work without splintering conversation. Our walls are living tributes of our success with awards, mementos of big wins, press clippings of prestige clients, plaques of team members’ service, and core values inspiring our forward momentum. Pods of collaboration scatter throughout the space while other team members gather to watch our clients’ returns on big screen monitors. There are no silos here


There’s no better marketing than results: Our client win-rate exceeds industry averages by double digits. Everyone wants to be the new winning candidate. Word-of-mouth referrals and thought leadership keeps us immediately recognizable throughout the political and policy marketplace and their audiences.

Growth is achieved not just by winning federal races but also by helping clients in smaller races, from state representative
to school board. We work with people who share our belief that America is a shining city on a hill blessed by God—but only as long as we honor God, can we succeed in our mission of protecting freedom. We’re not specific to a party; we’re specific to an ideology.

Our ability to identify areas of ideological passion and engage with activists and think tanks keeps us top of mind for important movements. Speaking engagements magnetize major clients. We maintain a presence at events, conferences, training sessions, party and group meetings, and regional representatives regularly meet with local consultants and party staff. We have amassed over 1M followers on social platforms, but our digital marketing goes beyond social media with emails, SEO, targeting, and retargeting. Bonfire is everywhere. It is the most adopted user interface in the industry and has powered an unprecedented winning streak for legislative, county, and school board races.


Our history of sweeping analytics and data science awards continues to grow. With numerous American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Pollie Awards and Reed Awards, we’ve solidified our leadership within the industry. The cornerstone of our success is our people, and WPAi’s culture has been recognized in Fortune’s Best Places to Work. Award-winning team members hold their own with prestigious thought leadership roles and honors including, Pollster of the Year, Technology Leader of the Year, and copious AAPC 40 titles.


We are a $100M company with no plans to slow down our aggressive exponential growth. This year we’ve earned $70M from Bonfire and $30M from bespoke research. While we’ve achieved all of our revenue goals, the number of prestigious high-potential, winning clients served each cycle remains our preferred metric of success.


It takes more than just a political presence to change America; it requires impacting Americans face-to-face. We create the change we wish to see by allocating an annual budget to support charities and organizations we vote on monthly. The company matches individual team members’ donations, and time off is provided to get boots on the ground
and pursue volunteer activities that match passions—not just political affiliations.


And Alexander wept, seeing he had no worlds left to conquer.

Hans Gruber, badly misquoting Plutarch


There’s a metaphysical value when you set and understand intentions. It allows you to live in the frame of having already achieved them and embody the confidence that comes from accomplishing those goals. Making this vision a reality has been our goal from the outset. It feels good to be able to do this but even more so to make a difference and provide that difference to others—to leave something that creates a legacy for other people. We are inspired every day to do this and hope that others feel that same level of inspiration.
Our team radiates with the satisfaction of making a difference in this country. Each team member makes the decision to spend their time, efforts, skills, and expertise here for that very purpose: to make a difference.
We help our clients win better than anyone else. We are the change we wish to see. We preserve freedom.
If this deeply resonates with your values, let’s connect and have a conversation.