Survey Research

Survey Research

WPAi’s quantitative intelligence solutions allow our clients to better understand the continuous, evolving landscape that may affect voter and consumer sentiment – ultimately dictating the success of their campaign, public affairs or corporate interests.

Our traditional intelligence

Capabilities have been developed through decades of experience by way of observing trends, scientifically gauging attitudes and analyzing behavior vs. outcome.
Our success is a result of WPAi’s unmatched ability to distill large volumes of data into precise, actionable guidance for our clients.
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Quantitative Intelligence Products

Traditional Telephone Intelligence

Since our inception in 1998, WPAi has invested hundreds of thousands of hours executing live telephone interviews.
Live telephone studies are the simplest method to gathering attitudinal insights on issues, effectively allowing us to measure broad populations, such as adults, voters, residents of a specific locale or members of a defined demographic group.
We utilize telephone intelligence studies for baseline surveys, brushfires, tracking and Election Day/ballot test predictors of likely voters. Landline and mobile phone data collection is utilized in all of our telephone intelligence, in order to accurately reflect sentiments of the desired universe sample.
Quantitative Intelligence Products

Digital Intelligence

WPAi’s digital studies are an effective mode for data collection among populations that can be easily identified.
Our clients regularly engage our digital intelligence tools in order to gauge sentiment among a host of issues relating to their program or area of interest, allowing us to effectively gather insights while utilizing an available tool that continues to rapidly develop as a leading solution in the field of traditional intelligence.
Quantitative Intelligence Products

Digital Message Development

The resources invested in your message development program should be spent effectively, and ultimately deliver both confidence and clarity to your path forward.
That’s why we offer an additional step in our message development capabilities, offering our clients at all levels the ability to test dozens – or even hundreds – of messages – before honing in on the top tier concepts that should be tested via quantitative methods (live or digital intelligence among a statistically large enough universe).