We have a proven process that guides our efforts, and we are
confident our work helps make a difference for our campaigns.

To obtain the voter file for your district/area, subscribe to our platform, Bonfire. You will gain access to all the Voter File data for your desired area.

The voter file typically includes comprehensive demographic information like name, address, gender, age, party affiliation, voting history, and more.

Using our easy-to-use platform, you can create targeted lists that identify your likely supporters and persuasion targets. Segment voters based on geographical location, such as zip codes, cities, or regions, which is particularly useful for targeting voters in specific electoral districts or areas with similar political interests.

One effective way to segment and model the voter data is by creating custom target modeled universes. This allows you to precisely identify voters based on their interests and concerns regarding specific political issues, such as healthcare, economy, immigration, or environmental policies and ballot measures. Understanding voters’ priorities enables targeted messaging on relevant topics.

Leverage predictive analytics to forecast voter behavior and preferences based on historical data and current trends. Machine learning algorithms can help identify patterns and predict how different voter segments are likely to respond to various campaign strategies in the digital, mail, and field efforts, allowing you to optimize your outreach.

Our platform allows you to efficiently track interactions and manage data through our engage efforts by texting and canvassing. You can directly use the gathered data to feed your efforts and build custom lists of targeted individuals.

Yes, we integrate consumer data sources to enhance our modeling, ensuring higher accuracy in estimating the likelihood of individuals being part of a specific universe.

The WPAi/Bonfire team will guide you through the process to ensure compliance with all data laws and regulations around voter data use.

During the campaign, you should measure metrics and analytics related to voter engagement, response rates, and the effectiveness of your targeting strategies.

WPAi creates generic core action universes that work across all races in the country. You can use our GOTV targets to enhance your outreach and mobilize your base supporters.