WPA Research Announces Change to WPA Intelligence

Still Offering Superior Polling,
WPA Intelligence Leads the Way in Data, Analytics and Technology

APRIL 11, 2017
CONTACT: Chris Wilson
PR@wpaintel.com 202-470-6300

WASHINGTON – Today, WPA Opinion Research announces that it is changing the name of the company to WPA Intelligence (WPAi).

While WPAi will still provide the same industry leading, highly-respected polling and survey research, WPAi has become an industry leader in data analytics, predictive modeling and technology. “Research” was no longer fully descriptive of what the company does.

“WPA needed a name that better describes our services”, said WPA Intelligence founding partner and CEO Chris Wilson, the former Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy on the Cruz for President campaign.  “We are an intelligence company.  We provide political intelligence, public affairs intelligence, marketing intelligence and corporate intelligence.  While this includes survey research, it is increasingly about data, analytics and technology to manage these data.”

WPAi has lead the way in innovating the use of predictive analysis to deliver exceedingly accurate intelligence in the fields of politics, business, marketing, and public affairs.

“We are thrilled to take the next step forward for our company and the industry,” said WPA Intelligence’s Chief Research Officer and Partner Bryon Allen. “The entire process is moving away from just using data based on demographics to collecting and analyzing data at the individual level.  We help companies and candidates understand their target audiences in new, different, and unprecedented ways so they understand at a very granular level the right way and right message to communicate.”

“Having spent the last 20 years working in data and analytics in the US and around the globe, I can attest to the fact WPAi is making incredible progress in allowing candidates and organizations to target activists, donors, and voters in unprecedented ways,” added WPAi COO Alex Muir.  “We are excited about our future at WPA, and look forward to continuing our pursuit of excellence at every level.”


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