WPAi’s Kyle Loveless talks with Oklahoma News4 about early voting trends

“Those numbers are going up, and more people are doing it in Oklahoma. I think it’s a matter of getting used to the idea of, hey, this is still easy way to do it and it makes it simpler for them, and they don’t have to wait in line by and large.”

WPAi’s Kyle Loveless discusses low Super Tuesday voter turnout with Oklahoma’s News9.

Kyle Loveless works with WPA Intelligence analyzing polling data and he says the lack of competition could be the reason for a dip in voter turnout. “Rewind back to 2016 when it was a wide-open primary of presidential campaigns, you saw a little bit more activity,” Loveless said.

Additionally, data he shared with News 9 shows another trend shift in the 2024 primaries. “What we’ve seen so far in early voting is something that goes counter to what conventional wisdom has been,” Loveless said.

He says traditionally, Oklahoma Republicans are wary of early and absentee voting. “Primarily democrats have seemed to be the party that have embraced non-traditional voting whether that be in person or mail in balloting,” Loveless explained.

But that’s not the case with this cycle. “In person and absentee voting that just concluded yesterday, according to the state election board, republicans are dominating,” Loveless said.

WPAi’s Kyle Loveless on News9 Discusses Polling Methods & OKC’s Proposed New NBA Arena

“When you look at their survey, they only surveyed 82 people,” Kyle Loveless with WPA Intelligence said.

He says he believes there are many reasons to be skeptical of those numbers, which were taken as a subset of nearly 500 polled statewide.

He adds that the survey doesn’t appear to verify whether those in the subset are all within city limits.

“They used a shotgun approach when they need to be using a scalpel,” Loveless said. “They didn’t take likely voters. They didn’t take registered voters.”

He also questions the methodology used.

“They used a technology called IVR, which can only be used on landlines,” Loveless said. “Well, in Oklahoma, that’s only 20 percent of the people.”

The smaller sample size also pushes the margin of error to plus or minus 10 percent for an election date with historically low turnout.

WPAi’s Kyle Loveless on News9 Discusses OKC Special Election

“A December special election in Oklahoma City doesn’t happen very often. Kyle Loveless with WPA Intelligence says it could be considered a double-edged sword.

‘The plus side is it gets people to focus on it. The downside is that not that many people are focused on it,’ he said.He believes this date was warranted because of the project size and the way it would be funded.’

It’ll be up to the campaigns on both sides – those that are for it to get out their message and those are against it to get out their message,’ he said.”

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Chris Wilson on Mornings With Maria

Chris Wilson joined Mornings With Maria to discuss the state of the GOP race and the fact 60% of GOP primary voters are looking to vote for a candidate other than Donald Trump. This is a two person race between Ron DeSantis and Trump.

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WPAi’s Amanda Iovino on Channel 4 discussing 2024 Election

GA Statewide Poll Crosstabulations

GA Statewide Poll Crosstabulations

WPA Intelligence recently conducted a survey of n=629 Republican primary voters statewide in Georgia. This survey has a margin of error of +/-4%.