WPA Intelligence Releases 40+ New Data Dictionary Models

WPA Intelligence is proud to announce the release of our newest set of industry-leading political models, now available for purchase on Bonfire. These models represent the culmination of extensive research, development, and rigorous testing to bring you the most accurate and comprehensive political data on the market today.

The new models provide segmentation across a wide range of topics including views on President Biden, opinions on Congressional priorities, perspectives on international aid, preferences for Republican candidates and factions (e.g. dramatic disruptor vs experienced strategist, MAGA, Establishment Conservative, etc.) party switchers, religious affiliation, and opinions on key issues like abortion and Donald Trump’s role in the GOP.

In total, this release includes over 40 new Data Dictionary models encompassing voter sentiments, priorities, affiliations, and behaviors. As always, our models are subjected to rigorous methodology, transparency, and ongoing accuracy testing.

If you’d like to discuss which model(s) would work best for your effort, contact us today!

See our full list of cutting-edge models here.

Available for license and integration through Bonfire today!

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