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McSally internal poll shows neck-and-neck primary with Ward By KEVIN ROBILLARD An internal polling memo conducted by Rep. Martha McSally’s campaign and obtained by POLITICO shows the congresswoman running neck and neck with former state legislator Kelli Ward in Arizona’s … Read More

Chris Wilson Appears on FNC’s ‘Happening Now’ To Discuss Trump Poll Numbers

The High Holy Day of MAGA

“That suburban vote is scary,” the Republican pollster and data analyst Chris Wilson, who worked on Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, said in an email. “If it were just VA, we could put it down to federal workers and contractors, but … Read More

Republicans have a Serious Suburban Problem in 2018

“If it were just Virginia, we could put it down to federal workers and contractors, but it happened in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, too,” Chris Wilson, a GOP strategist, wrote in an email. “If you’re a GOP incumbent in a heavily … Read More

Republicans Suddenly Fear Disastrous 2018

“If you’re a GOP incumbent in a heavily suburban, college-educated district, I think you’re worried today, and rightfully so,” said veteran Republican strategist Chris Wilson. Trump won an Electoral College victory without the support of some of those voters, while … Read More


Chris Wilson, WPA Intelligence: “Based on initial returns it appears rural VA voted heavily Gillespie but didn’t turn out at the same elevated rates they did for Trump. It that holds true, it’s significant. At this point I’m not sure … Read More

Expensive Battle Likely if Oil, Gas Tax Hike Goes to Voters

“The Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance commissioned a poll of 503 likely voters in late August, conducted by the Oklahoma City firm WPA Intelligence.” Read more here.


“No Winner In Debate Over Data Analytics and Traditional Polling,” by WPA Intelligence’s Chris Willson in Campaigns and Elections: “Polling can tell you what some of those issues are, but it can’t tell you with the same precision whom to … Read More

Chris Wilson Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ To Discuss the Economy, Tax Reform

WPAi Announces New Hire Conor Maguire

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