WPAi Announces Hiring of Amanda Iovino

WASHINGTON, DC –Today, WPA Intelligence, a national leader in data science, survey research and digital strategy, is pleased to announce the addition of Amanda Iovino in the role of Senior Client Strategist.

Iovino joins WPAi with years of experience in helping to expand opportunities for women leadership within the Republican party through research and analytics. Amanda has expertise in what women candidates need to do to win, and what all candidates can do to better reach women voters.

Most recently Iovino served as the Director of Research and Analytics for Winning For Women, a 501(c)(4) dedicated to providing opportunities for right-of-center women leaders including their pursuit of federal office, leading research as well as digital efforts resulting in the recruitment of over 500,000 grassroots members.

Prior to her work at Winning For Women, Amanda served as Deputy Director of The Women’s Initiative, a large-sale research effort dedicated to understanding the attitudes and perspectives of Independent and swing women voters. She also served as Vice President of State Initiatives at America Rising, growing and managing the firm’s portfolio of gubernatorial, state attorneys general, and down-ballot races.

“We are very excited to welcome Amanda Iovino to our WPAi team,” said Chris Wilson, WPAi’s CEO. “Our commitment to serving our clients with the most sophisticated survey research and data science tools in our space, paired with exceptional strategic digital guidance, is strengthened with the addition of Amanda.

“Amanda’s experience with research, analytics, digital, and leadership in helping women candidates win provide her with a unique perspective that will be a tremendous benefit to not just our clients but the Republican Party in general.”

Iovino added, “Campaigns need to not only keep up with trends, they need to create new ones. Traditional polling can help guide strategy but the secret to success is when survey research is combined with innovative data analytics and digital strategy techniques – a combination at which WPAi excels.” She added, “I am excited to bring my passion for promoting women leaders and extensive experience with women voters to WPAi and its clients as we move the field forward.”

About WPAi

Since 1998, WPA Intelligence has been a leading provider of survey research, predictive analytics and technology for corporations, educational institutions, public affairs programs, non-profits and campaigns from President to Governor, U.S. Senate, and local elections in all 50 states and multiple foreign countries. In the 2017-2018 cycle, WPAi’s polling and data plotted the course for multiple winning Senate, Governor’s races and House campaigns.

WPAi’s data and analytics continue to lead the industry. In the 2016 Republican primary for president, arguably the most unprecedented presidential contest by way of turnout and political environment volatility, WPAi accurately projected turnout and the ballot score in 42 states through the use of advanced, predictive analytics. In 2018 our predictive analytics tools were a key element of the RNC Voter Scores program and predicted the margins in numerous races with unmatched accuracy.

This year, we opened a new digital practice, which provides our clients the ability to take insights further through digital persuasion and mobilization advertising. This is an offering through which WPAi is uniquely adept; we are able to assist with the development and deployment of data models to ensure full quality control of any executed program. By integrating opinion research, data analytics, digital strategy and placement, we can provide clients with winning end-to-end campaign.

WPAi has been nationally recognized for providing cutting edge intelligence to help our clients win. The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awarded WPAi “Pollies” for our Predictive Analytics and Adaptive Sampling techniques and our groundbreaking data-focused social media application “Leonardo.” In addition, WPAi received a “Reed Award” for building the most expansive, optimized field program in GOP politics on behalf of Abbott for Governor in 2018.

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