WPAi Wins Big at 2019 CampaignTech Awards

Last night, Chris Wilson, CEO of WPA Intelligence (WPAi), was named Technology Leader of the Year by Campaigns & Elections. During the 2018 cycle, Wilson led WPAi’s team as they developed technology tools and products for races at all levels of politics. Under his leadership, the WPAi team:

  • Deployed Archimedes, an advanced campaign data management and visualization tool that makes data and polling a “living” part of the campaign environment.
  • Built Leonardo, a next-generation campaign gamification app adapted for both domestic and international political campaigns.
  • Developed a custom predictive analytics platform that enabled the WPAi team to train as many as 40 independent models each night and score as many as 23 million voters nightly.
  • Built an innovative field program optimization model to deploy a 200+ person field team to yield maximum contacts with individual campaign targets.
  • Combined machine learning and traditional polling to integrate the targeting insights of predictive analytics with the message testing power of WPAi’s Message Mapping tool to ensure that each campaign mode and target set was reached with the most effective possible message.
  • Conducted a variety of designed and natural experiments to identify optimal frequency of digital voter contact, the impact of social pressure/mail/digital/peer-to-peer texting, and the optimal window for door-to-door turnout operations.

Wilson’s win is accompanied by other recognitions this cycle. The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awarded WPAi “Pollies” for their Predictive Analytics and Adaptive Sampling techniques, their groundbreaking data-focused social media application, and for best use of analytics. In addition, WPAi has received four “Reed Awards” for most expansive optimized field program in GOP politics, best use of data analytics/machine learning, best data analytics solution, and best use of online targeting.

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