The Return to Normalcy in Las Vegas, as Told by Data – Published 05/05/2020

With fewer offerings for fun, how will Las Vegas lure visitors amid pandemic?
By Bailey Schulz
Las Vegas Review-Journal, Published 05/05/2020

“It may take some time for the fly-in market to return at a good pace, partially because of capacity constraints and how comfortable people are ready to return to air travel.”

Predictive modeling from WPA Intelligence backs this up.

The conservative research, data science and tech firm found the week of April 6, roughly 10.1 million people in California — about 26 percent of adults — would visit Las Vegas “within a few weeks or a month,” while 11.1 million would wait and eventually visit “within a few months.” Other ready-to-travel states include Texas and Utah.

Meanwhile, a vast majority of fly-in states show fewer than 5 percent of adults would be comfortable traveling to Las Vegas in the near future.

“There’s no indication that these numbers increase without some sort of massive communication effort to explain that Las Vegas is safe and open for business again,” said Christopher Wilson, CEO of WPA Intelligence.

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