Power Up: How can Republicans bring back young voters? Good question.

Power Up: How can Republicans bring back young voters? Good question.
By Jacqueline Alemany
The Washington Post
June 5, 2019

“NOT YOUR PARENT’S GOP: It’s not often you’ll hear us say this, but David Brooks asked it best in his column earlier this week: “The most burning question for conservatives should be: What do we have to say to young adults and about the diverse world they are living in?”

The existential question from Brooks to his fellow countrypeople was the cliffhanger of his argument that today’s generation gap — the most significant chasm in American politics today — portends a “GOP Apocalypse.”

So, we threw the question out there to some people who are paid to think about these things and prevent this from happening: What’s the GOP’s sell to the young voters of America, 56 percent who disapprove of the way Trump’s handling his job as president and 34 percent who approve?

Pollsters, campaign and party officials, and academics told Power Up that Republicans should and can attract young voters on the basis of individual liberty, in tandem with a message of religious and economic freedom. And that young voters, to a certain extent, might be open to conversations about school choice, arguments around drug pricing and merit-based immigration proposals.

  • Liberty: “To the extent that younger people have thus far been liberals, as the left moves more and more to an aggressively anti-religious, anti-speech, anti-market, anti-liberty position demanding lock-step adherence in speech and action, it opens up the opportunity for a Republicans to reclaim the brand as the party of individual liberty,” Chris Wilson, a GOP pollster and the CEO of WPA Intelligence, told us.”

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