BurchfieldRyan Burchfield

Senior Client Strategist

Ryan Burchfield ran a consulting business based out of Madison, Wisconsin from 2015 to 2019. Drawing on experience running Governor Tommy Thompson’s US Senate race in 2012 and as the Director of Strategy for Governor Walker’s Super PAC, Unintimidated, his clients included Governor Walker, the state party, and a host of nonpolitical technology firms and out-of-state campaigns.

From 2013 to 2015, Ryan worked as the Director of Field Strategy at Targeted Victory, where he oversaw the creation of the first nationwide voter registration, AB/EV, and Election Day turn out tool. Once completed, he oversaw and shaped the strategy for the millions of dollars spent on GOTV efforts via the app. That app is now Vote.gop.

In 2010, Ryan ran Senator Todd Young’s first political race for Congress in Indiana’s 9th congressional district. That hard-fought race included defeating a former member of Congress in the primary and unseating a long-term incumbent in the general election.

Previously, Ryan was the Deputy Victory Director for the RNC during the 2008 cycle. He had a diverse portfolio that included crafting and overseeing the AB/EV program, creating an in-house accounting system to manage the $89 million Victory budget in 19 states, and creating a sustainable field hardware program that deployed 1,500 hardware pieces to the 19 target states. Those same tools were able to be immediately deployed to off-year races in Virginia and Louisiana.

Ryan’s first foray into politics came right out of college after a job setting planes on fire for Southwest Airlines did not work out. Instead, he became the Director of Voter Registration and Identification for the Nevada Republican Party. The number of people registered to vote and identified through the program, the largest paid effort in the country, proved to be the margin of victory for all of the Nevada candidates. In a cycle where most candidates lost, Nevada swept all its targeted races for Congress, Senate, and Governor.