LovelessKyle Loveless

Client Strategist

Kyle D. Loveless has been around Oklahoma politics since before he could vote.  He cut his political teeth working as an intern for Congressman Don Young of Alaska, then working full time as staff assistant to Congressman Ernest Istook.  Working his way up to Legislative Director while still going to school at night at Georgetown, and helping set the path for the GOP takeover of the US House by working weekends for the National Republican Congressional Committee.  Before graduating from Georgetown University, Kyle helped steer several pieces of legislation that helped not only Oklahomans but small business employers all across the country.

Kyle then moved back to Oklahoma, and got involved in politics right away while also managing his family’s custom orthopedic footwear business.  As a consultant Kyle had political clients from city council to state wide officials.

In 2014 Kyle then ran for office, was outspent 5 to 1, forced a runoff and lost by 127 votes in the GOP primary.  Four years later when the Senator who beat him decided not to run, Kyle ran and was the first and only state senator to win unopposed.  He passed vital legislation that cracked down on the rampant problem of teachers who became sex offenders and then moving to a different district and not getting caught, it was described as “passing the trash” and was profiled on local and national news.  Within the first year of his legislation going into effect, over 390 teachers who had sexually abused children in their care lost their license to teach, and were unable to get a teaching job.

Kyle received several awards for his stance on business issues as well as conservative groups for his stance against wasteful spending.  One of his highest profile issues he was able to showcase an issue, organize a coalition of both right and left, conservative and liberal, urban and rural to the point of the issue receiving close to 80 percent approval by Oklahomans according to media polling. One of the longest lasting accomplishments that Kyle had a role in was helping navigate the final funding pieces to the First Americans Museum that is centrally located at the corner of I-35 and I-40, whose impact on the Oklahoma economy is in the billions.

After his family business sold and was closed, Kyle worked or two and half years as Chief Operating Officer at an Oklahoma based market research firm.  He was able to help land some of the companies largest contracts to date and helped bring the company back from being shut down during the spring of 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

Kyle is married to Amy, and has three girls and one little boy who is an energizer bunny.  When he has time, he enjoys watching OU Football and taking his girls to the park and to movies.  He is also a member of Crossings Community Church, and the President of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Georgetown Alumni Association.