Data Scientist

The most impactful Republican polling and analytics firm in the nation is seeking a top recruit to join our data team as a Data Scientist.. In this job, you will build models of public opinion, voting behavior, media usage, and other politically-relevant views and activities, and use these models to shape campaign strategy for political campaigns, party organizations, and advocacy groups.


At WPAi we love winning campaigns and have a track record for success. If this is you and you want to have an impact on the direction of the country toward freedom, then reach out to Matt Knee at and Crystal Caragine at


Responsibilities and Duties: 

A Data Scientist at WPA Intelligence is a core member of our data science team, and will serve as data science lead on projects as well as be involved in assorted data and development tasks. These individuals are responsible for:

  • Building models of public opinion and political behavior, constructing target universes, and participating in advising clients as to data-driven campaign strategy.
  • Developing surveys and survey experiments informed by political science.
  • Conducting quantitative analysis of electoral data and other information to help clients’ achieve their goals.
  • Building data visualizations and graphic representations of data.
  • Assisting in analytics product development.
  • Managing data science projects and interns and coordinating with other departments.


  • Solid knowledge of tidyverse R, SQL knowledge is a plus.
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize tasks from many different stakeholders.
  • A willingness to work for Republican candidates and conservative causes (Active desire preferred)
  • Knowledge of American politics, marketing, political psychology, and/or polling.
  • Experience in managing resources and teams is a plus.


About WPA:

We are one of the leading Republican opinion research and data science firms in the country. Our clients include Senators, Governors and numerous Members of the House; major PACs and party committees; and state and local officials across the country. We have offices in Washington, DC; Oklahoma City, OK; Austin, TX; Denver, CO; and Melbourne, FL. This position is attached to the Washington, DC office. We operate in a political culture, which can mean long hours and intense stress on occasion but also means a flexible, casual environment and opportunities to expand your skills and responsibilities quickly.


  • In addition to your base salary, you’ll be eligible to participate in our bonus pool after each quarter.
  • WPA pays 60% of your medical, dental and vision insurance. We also offer a retirement 401K match at 4%.
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