Chris Wilson Talks Independents & Impeachment — Published by The Hill on 10/24/2019

Independents warm to impeachment
Jonathan Easley
The Hill
October 24, 2019

“We’ve now reached the point where opinions on impeachment and removal are pretty well correlated with overall approval of the president’s job performance. This includes left-leaning independents who now support impeachment and removal,” said Chris Wilson, a GOP pollster and president of WPA Intelligence.

“This is a shift from where things stood pre-Ukraine, but doesn’t really show much of a shift from where things were once that news was fully digested. It will take a lot bigger of a move either with independents, which would be evidence that right-leaning independents were beginning to shift, or among Republicans to change the fundamental political calculus surrounding impeachment, which is that the House probably has the votes to impeach the president … but the Senate is highly unlikely to remove him.”

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