Chris Wilson discussing Hurricane Harvey

The first thing that people are looking for right now is safety. This isn’t over yet and there are still people in substantial danger. So people want their leaders to do what it takes to get them to safety and make sure that the places they’re taking refuge are safe places.

Once the immediate danger is past then there is going to be a lot of concern for getting to a stable situation, back home if possible but out of the shelters and back to something more like a normal life. In an event like this, where entire neighborhoods have been catastrophically flooded, that’s going to be tough. But no one wants to be in limbo forever and they want their leaders to reassure them that there is a plan and a schedule to get them home or to a new home.

There will also inevitably be issues that come up during the rebuilding. Everything from repairing infrastructure to dealing with insurance issues. And people expect their leaders to make good decisions and have a plan in place to see them through the, potentially multi-year, process of getting back to “normal”

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