WPAi Wins Big at 2019 Reed Awards

Did you hear the big news? WPA Intelligence brought home three awards from The 2019 Reed Awards for our outstanding work in the 2018 Election Cycle!

Best Use of Data Analytics/ Machine Learning

In one particularly data driven race, the use of analytics ensured WPAi could provide decision making and targeting power despite conflicting information. At times, public polling on its own told a very different story than measuring the “state of play” by incorporating predictive modeling. Utilizing polling and analytics together allowed for the strategy and tactics to shape a winning operation.

Scores derived using predictive modeling drove WPAi’s subsequent polling, ensuring an accurate representation of the total vote through Proportionate Probability Sampling (PPS), where a higher turnout score provided a better chance for selection in the sample. This allowed us to sample the correct number of voters, couple with their likelihood to vote, and control for ever-changing enthusiasm.

Best Data Analytics Solution

The “WPAi Guided Analytics Platform” is a custom modeling solution that enables our team of data scientists to produce resource-efficient analytics and strategic advice at speeds and volumes unheard of outside presidential campaigns. This tool moves campaigns beyond daily tracking polls and into daily predictive models, much like microtargeting advanced traditional polling. This tool was used on behalf of top statewide races to produce up to 900 million voter scores, per night, for the last two months of the campaign.

Overall, our daily tracking alone produced as many as 57 scores on as many as 23 million voters.  This system allowed us to deliver detailed trends for dozens of targeted universes and demographics, plus prescriptive analytics and strategic advice first thing the next morning.

Best Use of Online Targeting for Gubernatorial Campaign- Republican

WPAi combined custom modeling with a wealth of existing data to provide one Gubernatorial campaign with a layered topography of the electorate. Identifying which voters were concerned with, or could be motivated by, specific issues or messages allowed for a tightly-targeted digital campaign that evolved over the course of the primary and general elections to deliver specific messages to specific voters.

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