Trump Campaign Coaxes Votes from Sanders’ Populist Supporters – Published 04/16/2020

Trump campaign coaxing votes from Sanders populists while telling the Left it’s OK to hate Biden
By W. James Antle III
Washington Examiner, Published 04/16/2020

Democrats believe they can avoid a repeat this time around because of Trump’s incumbency and how early Sanders backed Biden. Sanders was still running against Clinton at this time in 2016, just as she was still running against Barack Obama at this point in 2008. And some Republicans are also skeptical. “We haven’t seen the same effects in our 2020 battleground polling,” warned GOP pollster Chris Wilson. “Only a handful (1-3%) of Bernie voters vote Trump in a Trump/Biden ballot.”

“It looks like a big chunk of [Sanders’s] 2016 vote was an anti-Hillary protest vote, and that explains the 2016 Bernie/Trump vote,” Wilson added.

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