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By: WPAi

Effective Tools for Persuading Your Audience

WPAi’s message development program is in a class of its own when it comes to identifying the most influential, memorable, and effective themes for a particular audience a client wants to reach.

Through a battery of innovative techniques, we offer our clients more than the traditional message development exercises pollsters have been pulling off the shelf for decades. From our Facebook Issue Testing technique, to WPAi’s trademarked “Messaging Maps,” our data scientists know there are a host of innovative and more effective ways to assist our clients with their critical message development programs than dated methodology.

Let us help you and your communications team develop the messaging program that will help you persuade, engage, and activate your audience.

Find out more about how we will revolutionize your data.

Message Maps™

WPAi’s Message Maps™ technique is a standout, award winning approach to message development that allows the campaign to cut through response bias using advanced, data science driven techniques to clearly and with confidence, recommend the best messages for deployment. Not just among all voters – but among critical demographic groups necessary to win.

Identifying effective messaging through quantitative data is the most reliable tool to understand how to move persuadable voters.

Our Message Maps™ technique combines an effectiveness measure, using random assignment of messages and regression, a memorability measure, to understand which messages will cut through the clutter in a real messaging environment, and a credibility measure, to understand which messages are most believable.

Facebook Issue Testing

Facebook Issue Testing is an efficient way to quickly determine which messages impact your target audience. This method gives our clients a quick snapshot of which issues, words, and images are most effective for getting an audience’s attention.

Since 2016, WPAi has conducted online issue studies in 33 states, encompassing 288 Congressional Districts. In total, we have measured 214,399 click throughs on the issue test and quantified 11,384,775 impressions.

Not only does your campaign understand the score of your issues, but WPAi benchmarks each issue to comparative districts or states to help refine best language by taking advantage of Facebook’s refined learning algorithms designed by their team of data scientists.

Working with your team to identify the messaging concepts, WPAi uses existing data, experience, and expertise, to develop dozens of experiments combining specific messages with visuals.

These combinations are then put into the field using random assignment through online advertising, which we track and evaluate, and ultimately screen down to a manageable number for large-scale deployment. With results usually available quickly, each message is ranked according to click-through rates. Our clients are able to determine which messages and visuals are working for which segmented audience, as well as weed out those issues which generate little response.

This approach potentially saves tremendous resources, such as the time and money campaigns usually spend researching audience preferences. It acts as a guidepost steering valuable assets in the right direction and cuts down on guess-work and speculation.

Facebook Issue Testing is a new innovative tool that makes our clients more efficient and gives them a step ahead.

Qualitative methods

Qualitative intelligence also plays a unique and often critical role in delivering insights during the process of message development. Whether the nature is political, brand management, public affairs or a high-stakes corporate interest, our qualitative techniques and proprietary tools for analysis offer our clients a thorough understanding, and an actionable set of recommendations, when it comes to navigating their issue space.

By way of traditional qualitative data collection or through digital tools, WPAi’s strategic approach to qualitative intelligence is always thoughtful and tailored to provide actionable findings for our clients.

Our products give our clients the ability to go beyond what can be gathered via quantitative intelligence, and maximize your strategic advantage in the marketplace or in a political campaign, while identifying potential roadblocks before they may be picked up via quantitative methods.

With WPAi, we leave no rock unturned when it comes to offering the best available intelligence solutions, and our qualitative tools will serve as a multiplier to navigating your message development program.