WPA Announces Hiring of Hilary Bombard Resta

WASHINGTON—WPA Intelligence, a leading conservative polling and data analytics firm announces the hiring of Hilary Bombard Resta to head the firm’s digital department.

Hilary brings years of digital experience and expertise as well as political acumen to the team. Before joining WPAi, she served as Deputy Digital Director for Texans for Greg Abbott. Resta oversaw an ad budget of $12 million, as well as content creation and campaign messaging.

Prior to joining Abbott’s team, she worked for leading digital firm Targeted Victory where she managed the strategic online advertising and communications plans for multiple statewide initiatives and Gubernatorial campaigns. Resta also served as the Email Marketing Manager for Mitt Romney’s presidential race in 2012.

Resta’s position expands WPAi’s suite of services, providing clients with a comprehensive solution that pairs expert opinion research and data analytics with digital strategy and execution.

As Senior Digital Strategist, Resta will lead the firm’s digital department by integrating the digital implementation of WPAi’s data into client strategy. This growth allows WPAi to offer an end-to-end solution to their clients by driving outcomes with the right messages, identifying the right audiences, and helping campaigns and existing digital vendors deliver highly targeted digital advertising using an integrated, complete solution consisting of opinion research and data analytics.

“Our digital strategy and advertising practice will leverage WPAi’s sophisticated audiences and messaging into highly targeted digital advertising campaigns,” said WPA CEO Chris Wilson. “With WPAi, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While there are firms that specialize in opinion research, data analytics, or digital strategy, there are few other firms in Republican politics that can offer all three under one roof.”

About WPAi

Since 1998, WPA Intelligence has been a leading provider of survey research, predictive analytics and technology for corporations, educational institutions, public affairs programs, non-profits and campaigns from President to Governor, U.S. Senate, and local elections in all 50 states and multiple foreign countries.  In the 2017-2018 cycle, WPAi’s polling and data plotted the course for multiple winning Senate, Governor’s races and House campaigns.

WPAi’s data and analytics continue to lead the industry. In the 2016 Republican primary for president, arguably the most unprecedented presidential contest by way of turnout and political environment volatility, WPAi accurately projected turnout and the ballot score in 42 states through the use of advanced, predictive analytics. In 2018 our predictive analytics tools were a key element of the RNC Voter Scores program and predicted the margins in numerous races with unmatched accuracy.

WPAi has been nationally recognized for providing cutting edge intelligence to help our clients win. The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) awarded WPAi “Pollies” for our Predictive Analytics and Adaptive Sampling techniques and our groundbreaking data-focused social media application “Leonardo.” In addition, WPAi received a “Reed Award” for building the most expansive, optimized field program in GOP politics on behalf of Abbott for Governor in 2018.

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