Five Things Republican Women Candidates Should Know

You should know that…

…it’s less of an exclusive club (which is a *very* good thing). There are more Republican women running for Congress than ever before. 224 women have stepped up to run. This number is a huge win for the NRCC, its Recruitment Chair Susan Brooks, Rep. Elise Stefanik, and outside groups like Winning For Women (WFW) and VIEW PAC.

…there is more support for you than ever before. Republican groups have really stepped up for Republican women during this primary season. VIEW PAC and Stefanik’s E-PAC have been helping women candidates raise the hard dollars they need for their campaigns and WFW’s Super PAC uses Independent Expenditures in support of their endorsed candidates.

…you need to emphasize your grit to Republican voters. Primaries are often the toughest hurdle for Republican women to clear. Fundraising is tougher because donors wait to see who emerges, and voters can often perceive women candidates as too moderate. How do you overcome that? First, target your messages on the issues to those who care about those positions (check out our Data Dictionary options for this). Then, show your authentic grit. Primary voters often want to see someone with the toughness to stand up to the Left. Tell voters where you stand on the issues and, importantly, tell them why you care and why you won’t back down from your position.

…your gender can be a tool to use to connect with voters, including in primaries. Republicans are not known for buying into the Left’s concept of identity politics, but there are voters (men and women) who believe the world would be better off if more women were in charge. In general elections, more voters see women candidates as outsiders and agents of change. In primaries, this is a niche message that needs to be expertly targeted. That’s where we come in (check out how our digital team is changing the game).

…we’re here to help. WPAi’s Cleopatra model identifies the voters who most believe that women can and should be running things. Restricted to primary voters or opened to include general election voters, Republican women candidates and their campaigns can use their gender as a tool to connect with these individual voters. This model is as close to turn-key ready as you can get: You have a clear, authentic, easy to execute message that will resonate with a targetable group of voters. Reach out today to learn more!

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