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WPAi is bridging the gap between data and digital by creating, modeling, and targeting custom audiences online.

We can offer clients a truly end-to-end solution encompassing message testing (what to say), audience targeting (who to say it to), and placement (saying it where they will hear it).

Using state of the art digital advertising technology, WPAi is able to reach audiences in a highly targeted, measurable, and cost-efficient way. Since optimization is key, ongoing ad optimization across all platforms and networks allows us to ensure the most efficient allocation of resources.

We provide clients with in-depth performance reports and recommendations as strategies are implemented. In addition to standard ad performance metrics, we are able to measure the unique reach that our ad campaigns had within our audiences, as well as frequency.

We are the best in class for digital persuasion and mobilization advertising. By integrating opinion research, data analytics, and digital strategy/placement, we can provide clients with a seamless polling/modeling to digital advertising marketing plan.

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