Wilson Talks Impeachment with Cavuto on Fox Business

Trouble for CNN Over Terror Nation Ties to TV Analysts

Trouble for CNN over terror nation ties to TV analysts By Paul Bedard Washington Examiner May 10, 2019 A report highlighted by Donald Trump Jr. that some CNN national security analysts have undisclosed ties to a Middle Eastern nation that … Read More

POLL: Dan Bishop Commands Lead in NC-09 Republican Special Primary Election

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Chris Wilson ALEC Speech

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POLL: Voters Want to Raise the Overall Limit on Funds for the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Program

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Memorandum on the Sexual Harassment Predictive Model Build

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Chris Wilson FreedomWorks Speech

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What Happened in 2018? Chris Wilson’s Presentation to CNP

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Protected: Texas Turnout Op-Ed Extended

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Modeling Black Swan Turnout: Just how rare an event were the 2018 mid-terms?

On election night, something amazing happened. Outside of a few specialists who study such things, America probably hasn’t come to fully understand how remarkable, and rare, this year’s mid-term elections really were. Based on data compiled by the brilliant Michael … Read More