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The Icosahedron #12 ft. Trevor Smith, Ph.D., and Chris Wilson on the Riots’ Impact on 2020

It seems many Democrat cheerleaders and candidates are finally realizing the dramatic impact the riots are having on 2020. Don Lemon (8/25/2020): “The rioting has to stop. It’s showing up in the polling. It’s showing up in focus groups. It … Read More

The Icosahedron #11 ft. Trevor Smith, Ph.D., on National Data/Methodology

The meltdowns seen on Twitter over CNN’s August poll were pretty hilarious and the reassurances to trust the polling average from professionals even more so. But it is really strange to have such massive changes in results. Biden leads this … Read More

The Icosahedron #5 ft. Trevor Smith, Ph.D. on political competition and Michael Cohen, Ph.D. on endorsement irrelevance. — Published 01/21/20

Thanks for reading our newsletter. This issue focuses on the political environment with pieces from Dr. Trevor Smith, Director of Research at WPA Intelligence and myself. Trevor looks at how competitive congressional races were in 2018 and what opportunities that … Read More