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Positive Thoughts re Google Policy Change

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” — Roy Bennett While unfortunate, Google’s announcement that they will excessively limit political advertising should not disrupt how political digital operates in any meaningful … Read More

Getting Rid of Microtargeting in Political Advertising is a Terrible Idea – By Chris Wilson / Published by the Washington Post on 11/17/19

Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter, unleashed a frenzy of commentary when he went Pontius Pilate and effectively washed his hands of the false advertising problem online by announcing his platform would no longer take political ads. But perhaps the … Read More

Democrats Moved Colorado to the Left — Then Moved to the Left of Colorado

As Democrats continue their lurch to the left, they risk alienating Colorado voters by directly attacking critical Colorado industries. Oil and gas production accounts for billions of dollars a year in economic activity for Colorado. Democrats’ calls to ban all … Read More

Oklahoma City Rotary Speech

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More Bad Polling in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas: from the critters that roam to the size of the barbecue Texans eat. And we can of course add egregious polling errors to the list. Later this week, Wednesday to be exact, the Texas Lyceum … Read More

Senator Joe Manchin currently trails his Republican challenger, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

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The Pundit’s Blue Wave in Texas

March 6, as the polls opened across Texas for the Primary Election Day, pundits across the country were breathlessly pointing out correlations between early Democrat voting numbers and the potential of a ‘Blue Wave’ election this coming November. The self-proclaimed … Read More

Bipartisan Research: How Each Party Can Court Hispanics

Study conducted by: Deep Root Analytics, Civis Analytics and WPA Intelligence [imge_pdf_viewer url=] To view the topline results click here

WPAi Wins Campaign and Elections “Reed Award” for Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Field Program

Utilizing Analytics for an Optimized Ground Game The Greg Abbott for Governor re-election campaign entered the 2018 cycle with an aggressive focus on both vote goals and a clear aim to successfully generate Republican-leaning turnout targets at the individual level … Read More

Media Hyperventilation About Costs of Obamacare Repeal Is Excessive

Immediately after the House voted to repeal significant portions of Obamacare, the typical media players began proclaiming that this would be a killer for Republican candidates in 2018. They based this, apparently, on poor polling numbers for the initial American … Read More