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Courtney Ballard

Bonfire Sales Representative

Courtney Ballard is from Oklahoma, however with deep roots in Arkansas, she struggles balancing her love of the Sooners and Razorbacks.  Courtney went to the University of Arkansas on a vocal music and theater scholarship, before coming back home to pursue a career in Real Estate Appraisals and Investing, as well as working in sales for a variety of companies over the years. After becoming a mom to a beautiful daughter in 2006, she spent most of her time working as a real estate appraiser, being able to work from home and be a flexible mom and available to the needs of being a single mother.  Yet she was always finding time to invest, renovate/re-sell homes, assist sellers with preparing their homes for sale with minor updates to complete renovations, and providing full renovation and redecorating services to individuals as well as corporations/companies.  This has made her able to work a very analytical and specific job as well as utilize the creative and more innovative side to enhance the surroundings for homeowners and corporate clients over the years.

Courtney’s free time is spent having “girl’s days” with her (now) teenage daughter; rescuing any animal in need (currently three dogs and a cat); & spending as much time as possible with her mom and stepdad, who live just around the corner.  She still makes time for dinners with her grade-school girlfriends every month, attends church as often as possible, and the little remaining time dedicated to cleaning the house and doing the “never-ending” laundry…

Courtney stays busy; however, she is extremely honored and excited to be a part of WPAi & Bonfire teams, working with everyone involved from development to deployment of this “must have” product for clients, consultants and candidates, and to be able to demonstrate why the use of Bonfire will be the difference-maker in how to reach constituents as well as being a comprehensive and affordable solution for any size campaign.